Becky has been painting walls (and anything else she could get her hands on) since she was 5 yrs old, much to her parents dismay.  Her first professional mural was done at age 19. During that time she was attending Butera School of Art in Boston, MA for sign painting and graduated in the 90's. She worked for over 15 years in the sign industry and customers have appreciated her ability to incorporate her lettering skills into her work.

In her own original canvas work Becky is able to throw her emotions into her work and try to leave them there, the negative ones anyway.  We all know the daily struggles and that there are things that need to be overcome throughout life and for her this is where she will put it. This can make for some dark subject matter, but not always.  Her work is generally abstract acrylic work; however, she loves combining some form of realism into her paintings as well.  Her charcoal portraits have been recognized and published by famous actor Norman Reedus of "The Walking Dead" in a book called "Thanks For All the Niceness" published and produced by Authorscape out of NYC in 2014.  Books can be puchased at www.bigbaldhead.com.   Currrently she has found herself exploring the gas clouds of space and creating her own renditions of some famous nebulae such as the Triffid Nebulae and the Eagle Nebulae.  

Now with a family of her own, she enjoys anything and everyhting to do with art.  Becky adores face painting for fairs and parties, wall murals and even hosts private paint parties in your home.  Becky is also currently taking on commission canvas work and really anything else you need creatively  painted such as faux finishes and is happy to work with designers on any project.